In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

by everett

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released April 22, 2016



all rights reserved


everett Medford, Oregon


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Track Name: Worthwhile
I don't know where I've been lately
I just know it's somewhere far from here
Somewhere that you can't find me
At least that's what I'll tell myself

I don't think that I've been worthwhile
Lately I've been someone else
But, I still want to be forgiven
Help me, I can't save myself

I still want to be forgiven
Help me, I can't save myself
Track Name: Dont Get Me Wrong
Many problems we have here
Voices preaching what they hear

Don't get me wrong
I think we all deserve a voice
Don't get me wrong
We still need to have a heart

It's pumping blood right through our veins
But with no love it's all in vain

Don't get me wrong
I think we all try our best
Don't get me wrong
Maybe that's just not enough
Track Name: Never Be Good Enough
I know that I'll never be enough for you or anyone
I know the best I can do is try and fail and try again

You know me better than anybody else knows me
You know the best I can be is not that good at all

I'll never be good enough
No, I'll never be
I'm not being negative
I don't want sympathy
Track Name: Harvest
Preach, Teach, Prophecy
Even if you don't know why
Tend the flock
Plant your seeds
Give them what you think they need

Guide, Pray, Pacify
Even you need to lie
Tend the flock
Plow the field
What will harvest yield?

Are we bearing any fruit
Tell me what will harvest yield